Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pre-Op Appointment 10/6

Recap from my pre-op for my Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy next Thursday:
  • Dr. H went over where the cuts will be made.  One inside my belly button, and then one or two much lower on my stomach.  The lower ones will need a couple stitches.  They'll also be doing an Hysteroscopy and going up through my cervix again.  Who cares about pain this time, I'll be asleep. 
  • No food or drinks after midnight, which will be hard since I'm always drinking something all day and night.
  • Show up at 9am, surgery at 10.  This might change the day before.
  • I get to see pictures of my insides.  This is probably the most exciting part.
  • SA results from August - 23 million at 70% motility.  I didn't get the paper with all the exact numbers.  But in June it was 20 million at 60%, so up a bit.  RE said his numbers of fine.
  • My hormone BW from last month as off a lot.  Didn't really say how that is fixable, but that I'm not ovulating.  And I already figured that one out.
  • My US showed MANY follicles (eggs).  RE said that's a really good sign.  Probably has something to do with my five cycles of Clomid.  My ovaries are just not releasing them, they are just circling around I guess.  I see trigger shots in my near future.  And no cysts showed up on the US.
  • I do not have insulin resistance PCOS.  No Metformin for me.  In fact I have very few symptoms of PCOS.  But that is what the RE is going to label me for now.  (That I'm pretty sure we have run out of other things to test for.) 
  • I was told to take Thursday and Friday off.  Saturday I can most likely go back to work, most definitely by Monday.
  • I asked how I could do IUI or IVF if I couldn't even get the HSG tube past my cervix?  I guess the tube is much smaller for IUI/IVF.  
  • RE said I can have lots of embryos and freeze them so I can have babies for years.  Little a head of yourself?  If anything I won't be having IVF 'til after I move since I can't leave the embryos behind. I'm not sure how shipping works on something like that.  
  • I want pictures of these embryos.  I really like pictures.   I will make it my Facebook profile photo.  Ha I got one up on those US photos. 
  • I can have a 2012 baby.


  1. This all seems like great news! I'll certainly be thinking about you tomorrow during surgery. I hope everything goes smoothly and you get great results from all the tests!

  2. Don't stress too much about the lap, its a pretty easy recovery. My one reccomendation is to bring a pillow with for the car ride home because if you push it against your belly incase you sneeze or laugh it helps alot. Also getting pics of your insides is very cool, did you know ovaries are actually kind of a bluish white color? I didn't know that until I got my pics!


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