Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Progesterone & Semen Results!

I got my CD21 Progesterone results today.  Generally 20+ ng/mL is great, 15+ is good on a medicated cycle, 10+ is eh, 5+ there is ovulation but low quality.  And mine:

Progesterone CD21 = 1.7 ng/mL

Ha!  The first thing Dr. S asked is if I had a +OPK, because if I had he would be surprised.  So 1.7 is pretty bad.  I got my Clomid increased to 150mg (3x the dose I started at) and I'm doing another round of Provera (assuming AF probably won't show up anytime soon).

I mentioned last week that I thought this was going to be low.  So it wasn't much of a surprise.  Plus my lack of post-ovulation crappy side effects gave it away.

Again he mentioned if I don't O at 150mg then I'm getting sent to a RE.  There isn't much else they can do for me at an OB/GYN.

Bean got his SA results today too.

Bean's Normal
Volume 4.0 1.5 - 5 mL
Count 20 40 - 250 Mil/ML
PH 7.6 7.2 - 7.8
Motility 60 >60%
Activity 3+ >2+
Morphology 49 >30%
Liquefaction Liquid Liquid
Fructose Positive Positive

pregnancy success rate with sperm count
He came home all upset about only getting a 20 on his count, as in 20 MILLION!  It's like he failed at something.  It's on the low side, but I got a fucking 1.7 for Progesterone.  We have more to worry about than his body only making 20 million sperm in 18 hours.  
CD29, no AF (never took a POAS, there's no point, I will before Provera though)

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