Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blood Work 9/18

Dear AF, please never let CD3 be on a Sunday again.  My RE has offices all over New England, including one about 25 minutes from me.  The local office is open Monday-Saturday, the main one over an hour away is the only one that is open Sundays.  I tried talking them into CD2 or CD4 BW, didn't work.  And the wait time is LONG on Sundays.   

Results What It Does
FSH Normal Gauge of ovarian reserve.
Estradiol High Abnormally high levels on CD3 may indicate existence of a functional cyst or diminished ovarian reserve.
LH Normal Normal LH level is similar to FSH. Ovulation hormone.
Prolactin Normal Pituitary gland.
TSH Normal Thyroid.

I started out with Lawanda or Dildo Cam (vaginal ultrasound).  I didn't realize it was going to be a vaginal one, CD3 and tampon and all.  I guess that's the only type they do there.  They at least let me look at the screen at the end, which the local hospital forbids unless I'm knocked up.  So I got to see my uterus.  Looks like every other uterus I guess.  They didn't mention a cyst or anything else that could be wrong.

My appointment ended with 10 vials of blood on an empty stomach.  Everything came back normal except my Estradiol (Estrogen).  This has always been assumed to be fucked up since I'm labeled "estrogen sensitive" after my love of hugging the porcelain god every time I'm on estrogen-based birth control.  Now I have a good excuse to blame my horrible moods on.  (Which happens to be this whole week.)

High Estrogen Symptoms:  (I did this for PCOS awhile ago)
  • I HaveMood Swings (along with every other female), Cramps (I'm good for those), Depression (along with every other IF), Unexplained Weight Gain (I'm fat?), Fatigue (if my allergies hate me),  Allergies (queen of those), Memory Loss (I have my days), Acne, Irregular Periods, Facial Hair (I guess?), Migraines (a couple a year), Nausea/Vomiting, Breast enlargement (they are a nice size?), Cold Body Temperature (I'll drop to 94°F easily), Sleep disturbances (light sleeper), Sugar cravings (& meat), Not ovulation (this blog wouldn't exist if I had fucking eggs), Cervical dysplasia (I rock dysplasia), Occasional skipped periods (I don't think "skipped" should be used in my case), Feeling crazy (woo hoo!)
  • I Don't HavePMSUterine Fibroids, Osteoporosis, Hot Flashes (not since I was a teen), Thinning Hair (my hair is really thick), Breast Tenderness, Miscarriage (I've never gotten that far), Low Sex Drive (sucks for those people), High Blood Pressure (try low), Inflammation (of?), Vaginal yeast infectionsLeg crampsWater Retentionlumpy breasts (breast come in lumpy? like cottage cheese?), Cystic OvariesHeavy mensesBreast cancerGallbladder problems

I wish the tests showed more.  

I had an old lady at work ask me if I had any babies yet after seeing my engagement and wedding ring last week. The elderly can be so sweet sometimes, but they don't realize what they are saying.  Anyways that was also the last time I wore my rings to work.  To be honest if I had any "babies" I'd be at Panera Bread with all the other mommy friends instead of working at retail hell. (This is probably going to piss people off, read above about horrible moods.)  But I don't mind working at retail hell (most days).  I do an amazing job.  On my hungover days I still do my job at the normal level.  And I don't have to deal with all this broken crap while I'm there.

After my HSG on on Tuesday they'll figure out what to do with me based on the results of the HSG, todays BW and U/S.  I'd just like hang out on Vitex/Metformin for awhile, rather than more Clomid/Femara/Provera and injecting myself.  I'm OK with taking a break for awhile, possibly forever.  

Website that shows the normal levels of all the hormone BW and what they mean:

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