Thursday, October 13, 2011

Surgery Today

...and I'm sick with probably a cold or the flu.  How convenient.  I started feeling like crap yesterday.  Really hot or really cold, nausea, sharp pains, sore throat, congestion...  I worst part is I'm so thirsty.  My nose is completely clogged so I can only breath out of my mouth.  Which is now drying up because of it.  I can't drink ANYTHING, even water.  So I keep pushing my saliva down my throat.  And I can't sleep.  I never sleep well when I'm sick.  

I'll probably be more whiney over the cold than the actual surgery.  

Anyways my bag is packed with a change of clothes, pillow, blanket, pads (because that's the one AMAZING thing about a lot of these procedures is you leak random fluids out your vagina for hours and days, who hoo!)  I have stuff to do while I wait, hoping it's not too long.  Directions for Bean when I'm too out of it to communicate normally.  I have my health records and forms are filled out.  Just waiting another hour for Bean to bring me to the surgery center.

I got Sunday off work too, the day I was supposed to go back.  A co-worker really needed the money and I could use a couple more days of resting.  So I handed my shift over to them.  I don't need the money that bad for day to day living, just saving for medical bills.

I even took pictures of my now stomach.  *sniff sniff* Navel piercing will be gone. :(  I'm going to move onto tattoos next.


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  2. Nooooo Navel piercings are so much hotter then tattoos!



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