Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello Provera

I start a new cycle of Provera on Saturday.  AF was due sometime this week but yeah...  I wonder what it's like to be fertile.  You know, when you miss your period and the first thought is that you might be PG?  Hmmm...

Anyways I'm trying to plan my next cycle around our anniversary vacation next month.  I hear it's good to get away, have sex in a new place and "just relax".  Not sure how true that is.  (Read Stuff Infertile People Like #5: Being told to “relax”)  Except of course I have to drag all the OPKs and the little cups to piss in with me.  So romantic!  I'll probably leave one on the bathroom sink for the maid staff to congratulate me on my "double line" and pregnancy.  (FYI double lines show up on OPKs regardless if they are + or -.  In fact Bean's pee has enough LH hormone to produce a double line.  And yes I made him take an ovulation test just for the hell of it.)

My mother-in-law (MIL) is coming to visit.  I have to pick her up in Boston later today (I hate driving in Boston, I ALWAYS get lost there.)  Lucky I'll only be on Provera and Clomid doesn't start 'til after she's gone.  Everyone is safed from my mood swings.

New Shipments:
PS I need a new layout, I'm sick of this one.
CD31, no AF

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