Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fuck You Ovaries

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that this was going to be my cycle.  Well that was a fucking lie.  I have zero +OPKs, my cervix is hard and I haven't started my 2ww feeling like shit yet.  So that means no ovulation.  Unless I missed my surge, and the 2ww is sparing me the nausea and sensitive nipples this cycle (that would be nice).  But it is more likely that it never happened.  When my ovaries go on vacation that means no eggs being released, which means zero possibility of getting PG, no matter how many times I say it's going to be my month.  So fuck you ovaries!

So the plan is to wait it out because there is really nothing else I can do.  I have three options:
  • AF shows up in 10-14 days = I did ovulate at some point, theoretically.
  • AF doesn't show by CD35 = No ovulation, Provera to induce, round #5 of drugs.
  • AF doesn't show by CD31-ish = Pregnant.  The most hopeful but least likely to happen of the three.
I have to think of what I want to do next with Clomid vs. Femara.  I can switch to Femara to give that a try.  Or I can give Clomid another try, probably increasing from 100mg to 150mg. 

I'm also thinking of adding Metformin.  PCOS or not I read it is supposed to help.  

And not sure what to do about the OB/GYN vs. RE decision.  I'm only going to be living in the area for another seven months.  Not sure if it's beneficial to switch to an RE now.

 Any advice would be appreciated.

PS I got sick of the pink layout.  It was too "happy".  
CD19, -OPK


  1. Metformin is what helped us! Granted it still took a few years, but since you are pairing it maybe it will speed it up? Have you researched into that? Sorry your ovaries are misbehaving this month. :/


  2. Yes Metformin + Clomid seem to work in some cases rather than just Clomid alone, whether there is PCOS or not. And it probably won't hurt any taking it.

  3. I've been taking Metformin for PCOS for a year now. I've combined with Clomid and Femara. I had better results with Femara than I ever had with Clomid. I also ended up going with injectables - Gonal-F. Even though its just 7 months, thats a long time in terms of IUIs and meds, I would switch to an RE, personally :)

  4. Thanks! If AF doesn't show in the next few weeks I think I might make the switch to Femara.

  5. I'm right there with you -- fuck you ovaries!!! This is my second round of Clomid (at 100 mg, first at 50)...I finally got a OPK+ but my progesterone level came back at 0.67 and everything I've read means that it probably didn't work...the OPK+ was probably a fluke. I've been reading about Metformin too (I have PCOS) and am thinking about asking my RE about it. I agree with Stephanie...I would switch to an RE (mostly because I did and it moved things along). Best of luck to you.


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