Monday, June 6, 2011

Tie-Dye & Baby Showers

I made it through baby shower #1 with zero tears.  I admit I had a pretty pissed off morning.  Bean slept in and he probably did himself more good than he realized.  As soon as he got up I asked him to fix the convertible roof on my car.  That was really an unrealistic goal since it only works about 15% of the time.  But he was out in the driveway for awhile and eventual got it to work.  I made my way to this baby shower with my bad mood in tow.  As the time went on it got slightly better.

Baby shower #2 is this coming weekend.  Different person but with  the military we breed like rabbits (except for me of course).  I call it the "train".  Military wives always get pregnant in packs.  They don't plan it that way but with work schedules and I guess luck it works out.  My ovaries always miss the memo to get on the train so yeah...  I don't mind so much.  But kind of a shitty reminder when you're invited to 15 baby showers in one month (OK exaggeration there).  I know I'll miss many more trains in the future.

If I ever get pregnant I will have a baby shower.  Or even if we decide to adopt, I want a shower.  I don't care if I have to throw it myself and two people show up.  I will have a baby shower.  So I get ideas from everyone else's showers to use for my own.  I guess that's the benefit of going to them.

I have a love for tie-dye, or anything with bright colors.  I've wanted to dye onesies for awhile now but I've never really had a reason to since I don't have a baby.  And if I went out to buy a bunch of onesies to tie-dye randomly my husband would for sure thought I lost it.  So I have held off.  Until baby shower #1 which gave me the perfect excuse.  Last weekend I dyed three packs for baby clothes ranging from 0 to 9 months.  I kept about half of them which are now in my "baby bin" in the basement.  My non-existant child can now be a hippy like mommy.  

CD16, OPK-


  1. The onesies were such a cute idea! HAHA I want to make some now too.

    And I will come to your baby shower for sure. I think you should have like 5 showers. Not necessarily for gifts, but just to be like "Hell Yeah, I'm finally pregnant, and I went to all of yours, now it's time to celebrate the hell outta this baby!"

    I kinda avoided preg ppl or showers with the excuse of having to work, so I don't have much experience with them, but this one was definitely one of the fun ones I have seen. Lots of games I never heard of before, and I know you weren't fond of the story time part, but I thought that was kinda cute too. I also liked that the prizes were for the prego, although I seriously should have earned a take home cake piece for my win.

    FYI That bottle sucking was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

    I hope the remainder of the baby showers this month go well for you. And the baby birthdays too! But those will be more about food, and watching a kid you won't have to clean make a complete mess out of themselves. Unless you wanna clean up Natalie HAHA

  2. These are so darn cute!!! Great job!

    -Nicole Loiselle


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