Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why Not to be Pregnant

I try to stay positive so I thought of a few reasons why last month really wasn't a good month to get PG in anyways.

1.  I can drive my small convertible for awhile longer.
Because it's not like I can fit a car seat and stroller in that car at the same time.

2.  I can get drunk for two more weeks (at least)!
Even though I'm kind of getting sick of drinking.

3.  I can start allergy shots.
Which I should have done last month but I got busy and never made an appointment.  Typical me.  So two shots in my arm twice a week for what feels like the rest of my life.

4.  X-rays for me at the dentist.  
Again if I ever make an appointment.  This might not be a positive thing if I need my wisdom teeth out.

5.  January really isn't a good month to be born in anyways.
I'm a January baby, so is Bean, and the rest of my family.  It's too close to Christmas, you always get those "combination" gifts.  I always said I never wanted my child born in that month anyways.  

6.  I now have a better chance for the 2012 baby I always wanted.
Or 2013, 2014...

7.  I'll at least be 27 by the time my first child is born.
Hey it's better than 17.

8.  I get new running/walking shoes.
Thanks to Bean's bet I now have $100 to buy myself new shoes.  Which is good because I can no longer use the treadmill at the gym with my current sneakers.  They are too small for my feet and rub.

9.  More time to lose weight.
Yeah that one probably won't happen.

10.  Less time PG during the summer.
Because it's fucking humid here.  You don't want to be knocked up during the summer.

I kind of had to stretch with a few of those.  I'm really one of those "all things happen for a reason" people.  Maybe I just haven't been TTC for long enough to believe that's a line of bull yet.

Which makes be realize that it's May.  Last year this time we decided to stop using all birth control and condoms to "see what would happen."  The answer is nothing, nothing happens.  Gosh that would have been good to know back when I was in college.  

Today is also CD3 so more Clomid.



  1. Thinking about ya this cycle! Third time is the charm, right? BTW, totally laughed my ass off at lying on the tile floor due to hot flashes. I may have to try that this week. Thanks for making me laugh tonight - just what I needed!

  2. Ha. Looks like we were on the same page this week, huh?


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