Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lost Bet

A few weeks ago during Cinco de Mayo my drunk husband bet me $100 that I'd get pregnant this cycle.  I picked the date May 21st, CD28 for me.  Sounded like a good date since I really didn't expect to ovulate and the chances of actually getting PG (and find out by CD28) were pretty slim.  I think this is the only bet I have ever been sad to win.  

I'm currently 12dpo with all BFN.  If there was implantation I'm thinking 8dpo guessing by the increased pain on the left side.  I had a brown tint to my cervical mucus today, maybe AF is starting.  I guess she is due Monday (14 days) but I have no idea how long my standard luteal phase (LP) is since I usually don't O.  The cramping started back up at 8dpo and hasn't stopped yet.  My nipples (but not breasts) are still sensitive and hard.  Still lot of CM and acne.  I'm nauseous everyday but it was like that last month too, probably a Clomid thing.  My saliva has begun ferning again, kind of confused there.

PS Yay my classes are done for the semester, I'm free!
CD28, 12dpo, HPT-


  1. That stinks! My hubby and I have been doing all sorts of stuff that will not be helpful if I get pregnant. Stuff like buying new clothes that I won't be able to wear if preggo, signing up for a wine of the month thingy and piling junk in our extra room (aka the babies room). We figure maybe if we make is more complicated, it will actually happen :)

  2. Haha I do the same thing. I figure irony will step in and make me PG. :)


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