Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nausea Come Again Another Day

Bean and I had a good Memorial Day weekend.  Sunday we went on a hike to a couple waterfalls.  I'm not really an "outdoorsy" person.  I'm the first to bitch about the bugs, heat, etc.  But I made it there and back with very little complaining except mentioning I was nauseous a few times.

Monday Bean marched in a local Memorial Day parade.  The families were asked to be in the parade also so I volunteered.  I had zero plans and I don't mind the exercise.  It ended up being 90°F (32°C), a walk that felt like way more than the mile (1.6km) I was told, a 30 minute ceremony, and more walking before we got to the BBQ we were promised.  I wore the wrong shoes which gave me blisters.  I actually think I was more whiny for the parade than the 2+ mile uphill hike I did the day before.  Of course at the end I let Bean know that I was again nauseous.  I got a hot dog and a chocolate drink on the way home and was fine.  Until I got inside the house and really didn't feel well.  I dry heaved a couple times but never actually vomited.

I'm sick of being nauseous.  Between Clomid and Microgestin I have felt this way since January.  I wish some days I would just vomit and get it over with so I can go on with my day.  Every pregrant women with morning sickness seriously makes me envious right now.  And if you are pregnant, please share your ginger snaps with me or I'll vomit on your carpet.

I found this webpage on how Clomid actually works.  I found it interesting.
"Structurally similar to estrogen, Clomid works as a selective estrogen modulator, by attaching itself to the estrogen receptor sites in the brain disallowing them to bind with naturally circulating estrogen. In response, the hypothalamus releases more Gonadotropin Releasing hormone (GnRH), stimulating the pituitary to drain more LH and FSH, which then cause the ovary into producing more eggs and follicles, resulting in ovulation. Generally, a woman taking Clomid doubles or triples the amount of estrogen production in that cycle compared to pretreatment cycles."

CD10, OPK-

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