Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anger Averted

I can be proud of myself.  I made it into a Babies"R"Us the other day and lasted a whole five minutes before getting pissed off and annoyed.  I'd enjoy the store if maybe, I don't know, was able to have children?  But being IF it is just a reminder what I'm missing out on.  For my emotional stability I don't want the reminder.  So I went right in, went straight for what I need.  No stops at the cribs, swings and cute baby clothes.  Then got inline behind a lady who only had six items but decided to take forever.  This is when my patience broke.  After all that she decided she only wanted one of those things because she "didn't have time" to get the others.  The cashier already rang them up, it's going to take her more time to remove them?  That and I had someones two screaming kids behind me.  After I got rang up the cashier asked if I had one of their rewards cards.  Does it look like I have a huge belly or a bunch of kids in tow?  Luckily I didn't say that to her face.  Overall the experience went better than I expected.

It's CD8 so my last dose of fertility meds were taken last night.  That means in a few days I'll be a slightly more pleasant person.  This cycle I have yet to blow up at anyone and zero rage.  Not even Bean or the car dealership (because my car still has yet to be fixed.)  Everyone should consider themselves fortunate.  My main goal right now is to O (ovulate).  I'm hoping around CD16, June 6th, like last cycle.  But I know if Clomid works one cycle at a certain dose, it doesn't mean I'll O the following month at that same dose.  So go ahead raisin ovaries, release an egg (or two or three).  Let me be proud of you!

After Bean's lost bet and my new tradition of buying myself something new after each failed cycle, I now have new shoes.  Clomid cycle #1 = a new piercing, cycle #2 = sneakers, cycle #3 = I don't know yet but I have 3 weeks to figure it out.   I figure this way I cry less. 


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  1. I love the reward for a negative idea. You should be treating yourself to something special because you've been thru a lot!


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