Monday, March 21, 2011

The Complainer

I started my first cycle of Clomid on Friday.  Yay!  It's going better than I thought.  I tend to have bad vomiting when there is extra estrogen in my system.  So I stocked up on ginger ale and ginger snaps just in case (although I ate all the snaps by now, they were so good).  But I've had zero side effects so far, minus a bad sinus headache (but I think that was more my allergies).  Hopefully that doesn't come and bite me in the ass after I post this, or after I'm done taking them.  One more pill tomorrow and I'll be done for the cycle.

I'm taking my BBT (basal body temperature) this cycle also, along with the OPK.  I'm really pleased with the numbers so far.  I tired last summer but the numbers were all over the place (95.6, 95.9, 97, 95.8, 96.5...).  Good thing I eventually gave up because the cycle was 7 months long!  But the last week they have all been really close (97.7, 97.1, 97, 97.1, 97, 97.2).  Hopefully they stay that way and I see some sort of shift.

I got my U/S results today finally after waiting almost a week.  Everything looks normal.  No cysts, no PCOS cysts, happy fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina.  Little annoyed they didn't call me with the results, I hate when doctors do that, even when tests come back normal.

The Plan: Finish Clomid on CD (cycle day) 7.  Start OPK on CD8 & keep doing BBT.  Hope for a +OPK and/or temperature shift. If not, call GYN about CD35, whine, asked to be induces for cycle two, increase Clomid.

I decided to give Instead Softcup a try for TTC.  I gave them a test run with AF.  I got it in and out fine (well with some digging, ewww)  But after a few hours the seal came loose, or I just didn't put it in right.  Anyways, it was a big mess!  I might hold off on using them again. :/

So my pet peeve this week is people that complain how bad their children are on Facebook.  I'm sorry your kids are so horrible that you have to complain to all 267 friends.  Maybe you should have waited to have children, maybe some BC or condoms, or even an abortion or adoption.   It is no ones fault but your own that sperm found your egg.  I'm sorry your life is over and now you can't go to Las Vegas now because you have a child.  Being IF (infertile) I have very little sympathy for you.  (I will however post some photos from my last trip to Vegas, a trip I was very trashed for most of.  But that's the IF way.)


  1. Glad to hear your ultrasound was clear and your temps are cooperating! And I'm all for drunk vacation photos to rub it in to the complainers. Are we really supposed to feel sorry for them??

  2. I tried those cup things once, that was enough for me. I managed to dump it trying to get the damn thing out. It was a very bad experience. I hope you're more coordinated than I am. And you should definitely rub in any drunken vacation photos! We should get something, right?

  3. I'm pretty sure I dumped it, giving how long it took me to get it out. :/ Maybe the forever butt lift while staring at my boring white ceiling will be a better option for me.


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