Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Hopeful

Dog is super cute though...
Last two cycles I've been able to feel my ovaries, at least my right one that had follicles on it.  Even the tiny 10mm follicle.  This cycle, nothing.  My U/S is Thursday morning and something tells me this is not going to go good.  I'm trying to make a plan in advance if there are no follicles.  Ether I can go in for ovarian drilling surgery or do Femara plus injectables next cycle.  The surgery is good because I can get it done and still have the wait period before TTC again.  This will be the rest of the deployment.  Other than IUI with frozen sperm I'm not going to get much TTC in anyways.  Plus it could "cure" me or temporarily make my ovaries work better, or at least with low level drugs like dinky Clomid.  Only thing is my husband is not home so I'll have to find someone to drive and pick me up from the surgery.  

I'm not too hopeful for this U/S or even making it to IUI this cycle.

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