Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Don't Want a Baby

Some days I'm not sure if this pisses me off or amuses me.  Here's a bunch of military wives on the topic of "I want a baby." 

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Some lessons to learn from this:
  1. Stress isn't going to cure low sperm count, deformed, non-swimming sperm.  It will not cure the lack of ovulation from PCOS.  It will not cure Endo.  It will not open up your tubes.  And if you had to have your uterus removed due to cancer, it's not going to grow back it.  Let me know if I left anyone out.  
  2. Don't fucking complain.
  3. Don't try and pawn off your kids to someone else.  I know you're trying to be funny and not actually putting them up for adoption.  It's hurtful saying "take mine hehe, oh never mind, just kidding" to someone that can't have children.
  4. Don't even tell someone who has been TTC for over two years and had I miscarriage that they really don't want children.  Especially after everything myself any other women like me have all been through.
  5. Think before you speak.  
One of these days I'm going to ask on this group what is the best way to get pregnant quick.  Or something along those lines.  And then post it because I'm sure some of those answers will be "helpful"


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