Saturday, September 8, 2012

TWO Mature Follicles

My ultrasound went amazing Thursday morning.  It was CD13, a day later than my normal U/S but it's not like I'm ever ready that early anyways.  My lining was 8mm, left ovary I had a 22mm follicle and right ovary with a 23mm follicle.  TWO mature follicles, and super early for me.  I triggered Thursday night at 10pm and my IUI is scheduled for 9:30am this morning.

I got a little annoyed with the RE when I first got there.  As soon as I checked in they asked if I had a full bladder for today.  FYI a full bladder is required for a external ultrasound, usually for pregnancy early on.  A empty bladder is required for an internal ultrasound, infertility.  It's a follicle scan so I answered no, why would I?  They let me know I need one today.  I asked why and the receptionist wasn't sure.  Why didn't they tell me in advance?  I drive over an hour there and could have downed water the whole way.  I had no where near a full bladder.  So they sent me down the medical mall to vending machines.  I only brought my phone, ID and car keys with me, not wallet.  A follicle scan is in and out. So I had to walk all the way back out to my car to get change and then back to the vending machines.  I get back to the waiting room and sit down trying to down this whole bottle of water quick because I can't have my appointment 'til I do.  They apologize, I need an empty bladder.  What?  I was mixed up with another patient.

The pharmacy wait time was ridiculous.  I needed my trigger that night so I couldn't come back another time.  I got there and picked a number: 256.  They were currently on 126.  WTF?  I drove to Panera Bread a couple towns over, got lunch to go.  Drove back and ate it while waiting, just in case they got to me.  About a half hour after I finished eating I was actually called.  I waited over an hour and a half.  



  1. An hour and a half waiting time? Wow - that is ridiculous! Glad to hear that your u/s went well. I'm thinking of you this morning! Good luck with your IUI!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure you've been for your appointment by now. I did read this post this morning via mobile but was unable to comment. I wanted to wish you so much luck.. You've waited far too long for this. All the best x


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