Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ultrasound Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day for my CD12 ultrasound.  I'm trying not to think anything of it, no excitement, no being nervous.  My goals of pretty minimal, I just want so sort of response that is better than last cycle.  I need at least 1 follicle at 11mm or larger to show any type of improvement.  That follicle needs to be around 20mm (give or take a little) for me to trigger and have the IUI done.  My lining needs to be around 10mm (give or take) to be suitable for implantation. 

I haven't done much charting this cycle, I just can't stand doing it all anymore.  It is such a waste of time when I don't even attempt to ovulate.  No OPKs, no ferning, no checking the cervix and Ovacue and I are still not talking.  At least 'til I hear something tomorrow.  I have been doing BBT but that is a topic for another post.



  1. Waiting for an update on how it went! Hope it worked better than your last cycle!

    1. Update posted! Not amazing but not as horrible as last cycle.


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