Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ultrasound 8/3

Lining:  5.8mm
Right Ovary:  13mm (1)
Left Ovary: nothing good

So 13mm is larger than last cycle at 10mm.  The right and left ovary do have a bunch of tiny follicles but they don't count those.  Lining is a little weak.  I go back Monday for another u/s.

It could go ether way.  The 13mm can keep growing and become mature, which would mean IUI.  Or this could be it, like the 10mm before, and stop growing.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up for the IUI.  It looks more promising than last cycle, but far from set in stone.

If the 13mm is a dud I'll start Provera again.  Then next cycle will be Femara with injectables added.  I seem to respond better to Femara than Clomid.  

Photos from the Lavender Festival a couple weekends ago.



  1. Hi from cyclesista! I really hope that follicle grows and matures so you can have your IUI! The lavender is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful pics - and I love your blog redesign!
    Fingers crossed for the right follie.


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