Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bare Minimum Kind of Girl

Ideal for Trigger My CD12
Follicle Size 
18-22mm 10mm (1)

Follicle Size

(Non Dominant)
<16mm 5mm (1)

Number of 
Follicles for IUI
1-3 1

Number of Non
Follicles for IUI
No Limit 1
Lining 8-10mm 5.8mm
Estradiol 200+ pg/mL (per
dominant follicle)
175 pg/mL


I was so nervous going in for this ultrasound for the fear of hearing bad news.  I always try to expect the worst and when something better is heard I am excited.  That works out better for me since with TTC I often feel like I hear more bad news than good.  If I think the opposite way it ends with a lot of crushed hope.

Anyways for CD12 I'm not doing so well.  My right ovary has a 10mm and 5mm follicle, and my lining is only 5mm.  These numbers are about half of what is ideal for ovulation.  My left ovary has no follicles.  They still have time to grow, follicles grow about 1-2mm per day.  Not sure about lining.  

My RE originally thought the thin lining was due to low Estradiol (Estrogen or E2 commonly called) levels.  That seemed odd to me since I'm normally one for high E2 levels.  They sent me for E2 blood work letting me know not to expect that high of numbers.  With two small follicles and a thin lining they didn't even except me anywhere near 100 pg/mL.

He booked my next U/S for July 3rd (CD19) for me.  I was very worried that they would miss ovulation, and the IUI all together.  But he doesn't think I'm responding well to Clomid anyways (big surprise there) so my follicles will not be much bigger in 7 days from now.  So there is a great chance I'll be labeled anovulatory and just be put on Provera again.

The blood work came back a few hours later.  I got a 175 on my E2!  They are baffled to why someone with such little growth has such high E2 levels.  They have two theories: 

  • I have already ovulated ether in the past 24 hours, or maybe I will really soon.  I'm instructed to have sex tonight since it is too late for IUI if that is the case.  A 175 is too high for a 10mm follicle so they think it might belong to another much larger one.  Possibly hiding or already been released.  They are running LH blood work to see if I'm going to ovulate soon, and Progesterone blood work to see if I already ovulated.  I really think this is an unlikely option since ovulation at CD11 seems impossible for me.  The two cycles I actually ovulated on Clomid was at CD16 and CD18.  It's really not like my reproductive organs to perform extraordinary or even at normal levels.  I shoot for the bare minimum levels and I'm happy with that.
  • They expect my CD10 (and 5mm) to shoot off growing rapidly soon.  So my next ultrasound is Friday now (CD15) since that don't think I'll make it to next week now.  
  • Bare Minimum - I've have high E2 naturally and responding crappy to Clomid... again.

I also got the RE to prescribe Metformin after a lot of talking him into it.  He let me know it probably will not help me since I'm not insulin resistance or fat enough.  I still want to try it though, it can't do anymore harm than what my body does on its own (PCOS).  Well minus the fabulous side effects.  I take 500mg this week, 1000mg (two pills) next week, then 1500mg (three pills) the following week and stay at that dose.  Unless I have horrible side effects then I'll increase on my time.

High Risk OBGYN


I felt odd going to this appointment because my original thought was "are you my new OBGYN?"  I got there and it was in the hospital part of the medical center, as in labour and delivery.  Not an OBGYN doctors office.  The doctor rambled off a bunch of percentages of preterm labour after a LEEP, cone, with and without cervical cerclage.  After awhile my mind got lost, until I asked if I need a cerclage or not.  I really just want a "yes", "no" or "maybe" answer.  The short answer is no.  The last measurement of my cervix is 1.5cm.  Which is short for pregnancy, I think they are looking for a 3cm or longer.  They will have to wait 'til I'm past my first trimester to measure the cervix again and determine if the cerclage is need.  I honestly just want to say to put it in ether way.  But then there is the risk it was cause preterm labour on its own.

So rushing my ass to this really important appointment (thanks to the RE) was pretty much a waste of everyones time.  They can't give me a definite yes or no to what I'll need or not.  And they can't help my infertile self.  But they don't think my cervix is the end all so I am moving forward with fertility treatment vs adoption.

My IVF date is April 2013.


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  1. I"m sorry that you are not responding to the Clomid. I honestly wished I would have skipped all the IUIs and gone straight to the IVF. ITs all that waiting that is really awful. We had to pay all OOP and the IUIs really added up to the price of an IVF.

    I think the Metformin is a great idea. I also have PCOS but am not insulin resistant or terribly fat. I think a lot of REs put people on it to decrease the chance of a miscarriage. I just hope you don't have the side effects from taking it. The bottle says to take with food, but I always found it helped to take without food. The side effects do go away too... with time :)


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