Monday, August 6, 2012

Ultrasound 8/6

I went to my CD15 ultrasound today.  The RE had a trainee with him today so he spent extra long with the U/S.  At first they couldn't find my uterus.  A shadow or something was in there.  I assured the RE it was still there.  (Gosh I'm going to turn into one of those.)  After five minutes or so and a lot of wand action he found it.  My lining was 8mm this time! Perfect for implantation.  Left ovary is doing nothing.  But the follicle on the right ovary is now 17.5mm!  

The plan:  I'll do OPKs all today, then tomorrow, then one Wednesday morning.  They are waiting for the natural LH surge.  If none come up positive then I'll trigger.  Which looks like a great possibly since my OPKs are still really light.  They showed me how and where to inject it, along with needle disposal.   Then I went to wait in a 45 minute line at the pharmacy to pick up the Ovidrel.

The only thing that seems odd is they told me to trigger on Wednesday morning or afternoon, but I've only ever heard of people triggering at night.  I'm going to call up the place doing my IUI tomorrow just to double check.

One of our first photos at a Navy Ball in 2007
  • +OPK on Tuesday = IUI on Wednesday
  • +OPK on Wednesday = IUI on Thursday
  • Trigger on Wednesday = IUI on Thursday

I was told to BD tonight.  Check!  

Out three year wedding anniversary and five years together is on Wednesday.  



  1. Oh what wonderful progress. Keeping you in my thoughts you get to go a head with this IUI :) All the best x

  2. Triggering depends on when they plan on inseminating. Some clinics shoot for 24 hours and some for 36. Mine did back to back at 24 and 48. Sounds like things are going well this round. Best of luck!

  3. I always trigger 36 hours before IUI'S. Good luck


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