Thursday, August 16, 2012


Trigger Shot 2dpt - 8dpt
I'm half way through my two week wait.  It's too early to tell if it worked or not.

Hormonally, I am pregnant.  Thanks to the trigger shot, which contains hCG hormone, same found in pregnancy.  I have been testing out my shot and right about now (8dpt) it should leave my system.  But my HPT do still have a faint line.  If I'm PG then: A. the line goes away and then comes back or B. the line never goes away but keeps getting darker.  I'm sure some of my symptoms are coming from the hCG injection.

Some things have been happening with my family that have been keeping me busy.  Nothing bad, just stuff that I can't post here for a little bit.  

Do I think I'm pregnant?

Yes - It's IUI, the sperm and egg are perfectly timed.  How could one not be PG?  I know a few people that got PG with their first IUI.  My boobs are not sore.  Nibbles a little perky, but boobs as a whole, nothing.  My boobs are always sore within a couple days of O.  Except the month I got my BFP, sore boobs didn't start 'til 11 or 12dpo.  This happened to my friend too.  Sore banger every month, except the month she got PG.  I was dizzy at the store tonight, really dizzy.  Maybe it happened a few other times too, but not as bad.  And lots of cramping down there.  It's feels like AF is coming and I even went running to the bathroom on the ferry the other day because I was so wet down there.  Today there is cramping too but it feels a little different, and more towards the right side.  I had a luteal phase dip in my BBT this morning.  I am pretty tired also.

No - You know I'm really not a lucky person.  The timing is too right in our life.  Sometimes people have to do IUI after IUI.  My acne is bad too.

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  1. Good luck this cycle. The cycle my 3rd iui worked and my test never got stark white like in the past. They just faded a little then started getting darker again.


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