Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trigger Shot

I did my first injection yesterday.  It was into my stomach but really wasn't as bad as it sounds.

I took Ovidrel and it already comes in a prefilled syringe.  I think the cost is between $50-100 without insurance, mine was covered though.  It has to be refrigerated.  The shot is an injection of hCG hormone, same type found in pregnancy.  So you turn pregnancy tests positive for a week or so after. 
  1. I woke up at 8am to get the meds out of my fridge and put on my counter.  It's good to have them at room temperature when it is injected.  Fell back asleep.
  2. At 9am I woke back up to do the injection.  Since Ovidrel is prefilled there is no mixing or measuring like other fertility medication.  You just take it out of the package and the needle is already full of medication.  Take the cap off.
  3. You know when on those doctor shows the actor flicks the needle a few times and they a tiny bit of fluid comes out the top?  It's to get the air to come out of the syringe.  Injecting someone with air can be fatal.  This is common sense to me but I know it is not to everyone.  Plus I've spent years filling syringes for my sick ferrets.  Even though everything is oral for them it is sometimes easier to get a better reading of how much medication is in the syringe without it part filled with air.   Hold the syringe with the needle pointing up so the air bubbles float to the top.  Flick it a few times so any lingering bubbles make it to the top also.  Then press on the plunger 'til all the air gets out and a little bit of liquid meds come out.  You want to make sure all the air is out but not lose much of the meds.  I probably went overboard but I'm more afraid of dying from air embolism than anything else.
  4. Find a spot where you want to do the injection.  I was told on the belly about an inch or two below or to the side of my belly button.  I think you can also do your thigh or butt also.  But my legs are really muscular and I can't reach my own ass.  My stomach is good enough for me.  Wipe the spot with an alcohol swab.  Also wash your hands before you do this, and don't ever touch the needle.  You don't need to be injecting germs too.
  5. I grabbed a fat roll or some skin (easy for some of us) and inserted the needle as far as it would go.  The length of the needle isn't too bad, only an inch or 2cm.  Then let go of the skin and slowly pushed on the plunger 'til everything was out.  Slowly pull the needle back out once it is empty.  
  6. My directions told me to put gauze over the site but I didn't have any so I just put a Hello Kitty band-aid over it.  Not needed though.
  7. Put the used syringe in a sharps container.  My RE told me they don't give out the actual container but (depending on where you live) I could put all my needles in a plastic soda bottle and then drop them off at a designated location.
I had no pain from this.  Even took a photo after the meds were injected and needle was still in me.  I've probably been through more medical procedures, surgery and testing than most women my age.  Not much is painful to me, or even worries me anymore.  One thing I learned a long time ago before infertility treatment and when I was dealing with cervical dysplasia is to believe that whatever you are going through is "normal".  And everyone else is a bunch of wimps.  This works better for me than seating around feeling sorry for myself.

My IUI is scheduled for today.  Bean has his appointment at 10:30 to make a deposit.  This will be our last fresh cycle for awhile.  And then I'm scheduled at 1:15 for the IUI.  

Filled Syringe
Tummy after



  1. The ovidrel actually says to inject everything... including the air! It freaked me out the first time, but all was well! Good luck with your IUI!

    1. Hmmm the nurse and the directions (from the RE) told me make sure all the air is out. I didn't read the Ovidrel directions though. I'd be too afraid to keep the air anyways.


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