Friday, August 10, 2012

First IUI

Bean had his appointment first yesterday morning.  They need to wash the sperm before inserting it for the IUI.  Washing it means removing any dead ones and separating the actual swimmers from the seminal fluid.  If you insert the fluid part into the uterus it can cause cramping and even for it to collapse.  Normally the cervix filters everything out but they bypass that with an IUI.

The SA came out alright, I think.  I'm really bad about reading SA numbers because "good" or "bad" doesn't depend on just one number, many things go into it.  I don't think these numbers are amazing.  But each one is above what the RE likes to see it at.  If it is too low then they'll cancel my IUI.

Pre-Wash Inseminated
Volume 5.0 ml 0.5 ml
Concentration 13 millon 30 millon
Motility 46% 83%
Rapid & Linear 12% 58%
Total 29.9 millon 12.5 million

While the crew was getting their bath Bean and I wasted time by having lunch and checking out the local mall with the Apple store.  I needed to scope out where I'm standing in line for the new iPhone 5.

The rooms at this RE are nice, and the office is huge.  I don't normal go to Tacoma, usually we are at Seattle or the Army hospital.  Everything went pretty quick.  They brought me back in the room and had me undress.  The nurse double checked Bean's info and my bracelet to make sure I got my husband's sperm.  You know, because that it kind of a big deal if I get someone else's
The RE put the spectrum inside me without any lube because that kills the sperm.  It didn't hurt since there is cervical mucus in there right now.  It took a few minutes to get the catheter up past my cervix.  It was really crampy.  She kept asking if I was cramping and wanted adjust the catheter or spectrum if it was.  At first I told her it was, but then realized the whole procedure would last longer with her trying to fix it.  I'd rather tolerate some pain for a minute or two then have you keep adjusting everything and drawing it out.  I didn't feel the sperm being injected and it was quick only took about 30 seconds.  After that everything was removed.  I laided on the bed for five minutes with the cramping continuing before I got up.  I was surprised nothing came out like after sex.  Bean went to pay and then drove me home.  I spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping since I got such little sleep the night before with the excitement.  

I had my IUI 28 hours after my trigger and about 38 hours after my +OPK.  Ovulation usually occurs 24-48 hours after ether of those.  I'm not sure when I actually ovulated since I didn't feel the pain, but I'm pretty sure it was the day of my IUI.  We came home and got a little extra action in, just in case.

They told me I can start testing on August 24th (15dpo, 2 weeks & 1 day) which I highly doubt I'll be waiting that long.  I'm just not a patient person.  But then again maybe I will because my due date for my last miscarriage is the 25th.  I'll ether be super happy or crying all day.  I am testing out my trigger though.  I think it is normal in ones body for 7-9 days.


  1. Hope this IUI does the trick. Fingers crossed.

  2. Good luck - you had much better SA numbers than on our successful go round so hopefully this is it for you!! And good idea testing out your trigger, I regretted not doing so.

  3. You've been nominated for a blogger award :)
    Read my post for more information.

  4. I'm so excited for you guys. I really hope this works out for you. :) Stay positive.

  5. It would be so awesome to get your BFP just before your due date. All fingers tightly crossed for you!


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