Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prescription Mess

I went to pick up my Clomid today.  It became more of a mess than I ever thought picking up a prescription could be.  It seems like everything here turns the simplest things into a clusterfuck. 

I went to the pharmacy earlier in the afternoon because later on the wait is insanely long.  If I get in and out before 2PM then I'm good.  I figured it would take 30-45 minutes, I'd be home in about an hour to take the dog to the dog park on this nice day.  I showed up at 1PM, grabbed a number and waited for it to get called.  They were on 404, I was 412.  It took about 25 minutes to get to my number and I went up to the counter.

There are two pharmacies here.  This one mentioned above, Bremerton.  And the one my RE is at, Madigan.  Bremerton is a lot closer, only 15 minutes away verse the hour drive to Madigan.  Obviously I want to drive to the closer one.  The RE will send my prescriptions (like Provera last week) to Bremerton so I don't have to drive.

At the counter the lady told me my prescription was already filled at Madigan, so they can't refill my prescription here.  The RE did send it to Bremerton, but for some reason Madigan grabbed it off the system instead, poured the pills in the bottle, stuck my name of it and put it on the shelf for me to pick up.  I don't understand why they would do this.  The auto-fill option (which I didn't even know they could do) is great... if I was going to Madigan.  My only option is to drive the hour to the other pharmacy.

I tried to get a hold of the RE but no luck.  About 95% of the time they never answer the phone and it goes to voicemail.  Bean started calling too.  I got the the gas station about a mile down the road to get gas since I wasn't going to make it to Madigan anyways.  I also grabbed a soda & snack because I didn't realized this was going to be an all day thing.  The apple and water I brought was not going to last.  Bean got a hold of them and told me they would have it back at Bremerton at 2PM.  It was 1:55 so I went back to Bremerton.

I met the lady in the elevator that helped me before.  She told me not to grab a number but at 2:05 and 2:10 it went from "filled" to missing all together.  I grabbed a number just in case.  I was 460, they were on 439.  I waited a half hour, they only made it to 444.  I cut in line at a window and asked if they had my prescription in the system yet.  Still missing.  I turned around and walked out so I could just drive to Madigan.  

In the car I went to open my soda.  It exploded everywhere.  There I was in my wet pants and sticky steering wheel, even more pissed off than before.  I drove home to change my clothes.

This time Bean came with me.  I got there went right to the desk.  It was 3:15PM, I was sick of waiting.  The first person I just asked if the prescription was in, I wasn't going to grab a number to fill it if it wasn't even there.  This asshole tells me to "pick a number" and won't even help me.  I grab a number, 511, they are currently on 490.  OK, this is bull shit.  This was my third number and I've been waiting over two hours.  

I went to another window.  This lady at least looked it up.  They found it!  She told me to pick a number to have it filled.  OK, but I still don't want to have to wait.  I went over to the window of the lady I had before, the elevator lady.  (This has to be the best person I dealt with all day!)  She remembered me and put it in to get filled immediately.  About 15 minutes later my name was called and everything was set.  It was 3:45, I had waited just under 3 hours!  BTW number 511 hadn't been called by the time we left.  

Bean filled a complaint before we left because he was so upset at this.  Along with last weeks problemwhen they lost my referral in early May, and Dr. Idiot refusing to do pretty many anything for me.  The IUI ($200) and IVF ($6,000) are really cheap here, that's why I stay on Tricare Prime insurance.  I can switch to Tricare Standard and get away from these people, but the cost of the IUI ($3,000) and IVF ($13,000) increase when I go out in town.

I waited three hours for them to fix someones mistake.  Least I think that's what happened.  Not sure if I just don't understand how this health care system works out here and I'm slow.  Or they are really bad at explaining it to me.  I seem to always running into trouble.  


  1. This is horrendous. My blood pressure is rising just reading about it.

  2. WOW. That is awful. I've been using Freedom Fertility Pharmacy and having my meds shipped to me. I haven't had any problems yet.


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