Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ovulation in the Future?

Fertility Friend
I'm moving into ovulation week, if I ovulate.  I've got all the predictors going: OPKs, BBT, Ovacue, saliva ferning, checking the cervix.  Not that I need all those I just would like to see which method lines up with ovulation best, for cycles I'm not monitored via ultrasound.

I bought a VIP membership to Fertility Friend.  It's the charting program I like most, for right now.  I like all the custom setting I can add and the colours.  I just wish they had an Ovacue setting, well other than the custom ones I made.

I can feel slight pain in my right ovary at night when I lay in bed.  Only at CD8 or CD9.  Maybe that ovary is doing something?  I'm not really a fan of my right ovary, well actually the scarred and tangled fallopian tube it is connected to.  It slightly worries me and I feel more comfortable ovulating from my left, just because the increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy.  Even with surgery they can't fix my tube, at least not in 2012.  If I ended up having an ectopic there is a chance I'd lose that tube all together.  Honestly I'm OK with that.  If it causes more harm than good I'd rather have it removed.  Yes, that ovary would be MIA for natural intercourse and IUI.  But I would still have the left fallopian tube, and I'm already heading straight towards IVF with two tubes or zero.  That doesn't change much.  Will have to see on Tuesday is the right ovary is the one with the dominate follicle.  Or maybe I just have a pissed off cyst.

I try not to get my hopes up too much since my record of ovulating even with Clomid is few and far between.  But at least I have a tiny chance with Clomid, vs trying out new herbal drugs, and then a different herbal drug in 30 days to induce AF when it fails to work.  I feel like I'm doing something slightly productive even if I have zero follicles in there.  

I think I chipped the enamel on one of my teeth.  I never have dental problems, not even a cavity before in my life.  It's not noticeable to anyone but I can feel that it's different.  I have an appointment with my new dentist on Monday so hopefully they can bond it, sand it or whatever they do for something like this. 


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