Sunday, May 6, 2012

Way More Cramping

I might get my period soon.  There is a lot of cramping down there, all yesterday and now today too.  No spotting though.  

Someday my nausea is better, others days it is worse.  I threw up yesterday.  I took a HPT this morning thinking *maybe* it was morning sickness.  Nope!  I have to avoid certain foods, they make me sick just looking at them.  That or I can only have a few bites.  Salad is one of the few things I can tolerate.

I don't really care anymore about AF coming or not.  I've given up and am now just waiting for my next RE appointment.  I can't continue being unmonitored, I need the ultrasounds done to see if/when I'm ovulating.  I can't take anymore OPKs, or BBT, saliva ferning, Ovacue, checking my cervix or whatever other type of ovulating prediction I have used.  I've learned none are 100% and I'm just fed up with the wasted time (and money) on them.

Whoever said someone is more fertile after a miscarriage or that they'll get pregnant again within three months of it is full of BS.  There are no "super fertile" powers here.  I haven't even ovulated since my D&C three months ago.  I've only gotten my period once and only because of Provera.  All this uterus does it cramp.  I'm very happy to start the big boys (AKA injectables) and move on to better things. 

My puppy isn't allowed upstairs, which is where the bedrooms are.  He has pee issues with carpet.  Loki is six month old now.  He was good in NH the last couple months, and at all the hotels on the way to WA.  However, our first night in WA is peed on the carpet so Bean no longer lets him upstairs.  We don't have a baby gate up to prevent him from going up the stairs, we just tell him "no" each time he tried to climb them and he turns around and goes back down.  The other morning I got out of bed to use the bathroom and I quickly looked out the crack in the bedroom door to see Loki sleeping right outside in the hallway.  He must of climbed the stairs and fell asleep there sometime in the night.  However, he didn't pee on the carpet so I was OK with it.

Bean is gone for the next couple weeks for schooling in VA.  I brought him to the airport on Friday morning.

Last night was my first night sleeping alone since we've been in the new house.  I left Loki sleeping downstairs like I do every night and went to bed.  I woke up this morning and opened my eyes to see THERE IS A DOG IN MY BED!  I tried to move away from him but he kept scooting closer to me.  Cute but it kind of freaked me out at first seeing him there.  I'm a light sleeper and thought I'd hear or fell him get into bed with me.  I have no idea how long he was snuggling with me.

I look a lot of photos during my trip.  I thought maybe I'd share them attraction-by-attraction.

Gettysburg National Military Park - Straban Township, PA

Flowers in Bloom

Loki in the Car

Bean & Loki

Down the Tower

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