Thursday, March 15, 2012

RE Appointment 3/15

Pre-op was pre-op.  I already had the surgery before, nothing new.  Just signed a bunch of papers. 

Friday morning (tomorrow 8dpo-ish) I have progesterone and estrogen blood work.  RE is going to check where I am in my cycle.  And the progesterone will tell if I ovulated.

Wednesday morning (13dpo-ish) I'll have another beta hCG to check for pregnancy.  Assuming the progesterone is decent.  If I get like a .2 on progesterone then no beta, I didn't ovulate anyways.

Thursday morning I have surgery.  Assuming I'm not pregnant.

Last night I told Bean I felt pregnant.  He said his usual, "OK".  Asked how I knew I ovulated and I told him about the pain I had last week.  I'm not sure if I ever told him, or he just wasn't listening.  This morning I showed him my daily HPT (the one in the photo, and said I said daily) and told him I saw a line.  He response, "OK".  I think he's done with my mess.  My craziness for made up symptoms and invisible lines.  He doesn't want to get him hopes up, I understand.    


  1. crystal davis-pepperMarch 15, 2012 at 6:22 PM

    i must be crazy toobecause i see a line

  2. I'm curious, is a blood test the only way to check the progesterone level to see if you ovulated? I use the ovulation tests but I know they don't tell you if you actually ovulated, just if the pre-ovulation hormones were released. Is there an at-home method to find out if ovulation really occurred?

    Good luck with all your blood draws ... and fingers crossed that they show your pregnant feeling is right.

  3. I also see what could be a line. I sometimes hate wondfos though because I know where the line should be.


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