Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have a fear I learned about today.  I was reading Katie's post on how she told her husband she was pregnant.  (Congrats by the way!)  I was thinking back to the effort I put into telling Bean about our pregnancy.  Would I do something similar for my next pregnancy?  Probably not, I probably won't do anything special.  I regret putting effort into the pregnancy, for nothing.  

I even fear seeing my own positive pregnancy test.  Will I associate it with happiness and bringing home a baby in 9 months?  Or will I associate it with sadness, losing my baby and needing surgery.  Does a positive pregnancy test automatically mean D&C for me?  This scares me.

Emotionally I feel OK.  Even after everything I know I need to suck it up and move on.  There is no need to sit around and cry about the past.  It's the past and I can't go back and fix it.  There was something wrong with my baby from the beginning.  No amount of folic acid or whatever else I could talk myself into that I did wrong would change that.  Same for Munchlet.  I did above and beyond the typical ferret care.  He had special food his whole life, the organic laundry detergent, best ferret vet in New England and best health care money could buy.  I took better care of him that I think some idiots do for their own children.  But he still got cancer and died, nothing would have changed that.  Only thing I can do is pick up the pieces and move on.  I'm putting a wall up, I admit it.  All the sadness goes on the other side of the wall while I can go on with my life.  I fear the day that the wall might come crashing down.

My pregnancy hormones are dropping.  Looking at how light my pregnancy tests are I'm expecting my beta to hit zero (or close to it) by my next test on the 16th.  I no longer have the pregnancy exhaustion.  (And my boobs haven't been sore for awhile.)  I slept so well during my pregnancy, I loved it.  As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out for the whole night.  I got the best sleep then.  

Now I am exhausted for other reasons.  I'm not sleeping well at all.  I lay there for long periods of time.  When I go fall asleep I don't stay asleep for long.  My dreams are more fear and nightmares.  Today I woke up from a nap about Munchlet and him passing away.  I was crying during the whole dream (but not in real life).  Same thing happened the other day about my baby.  I don't feel like I rest.  The sleep is more emotionally draining than anything.  I wish I wasn't dreaming at all.  So everyday I am tired from my lack of good sleep.  

I feel these dreams come from a lack of emotional outbursts that I should be having.  Instead they are behind a wall and I am numb from everything.    

I'm OK if I don't get pregnant this cycle, if you could even call it a cycle.  I don't think I'm ovulating anyways.

I consulted Cheri22 again.  I figured she was right before about AUGUST, since my due date was August 25th.  Maybe this psychic I've never met and found on the Internet does know something.  Or maybe it was just a coincidence.  Who knows.  Anyways I'm updated to APRIL and GIRL.  April is the month the baby will be born in, conceived or found out about.  Bean did ask me if we got pregnant in August what month the baby would be born in.  April is the answers.  August is a long ways off when you are no longer pregnant.


  1. Thank you, Selbe. My heart still aches for you and little munchlet. Please know that you are still in my thoughts daily. Maybe next month is your month? You could be finding out in April!

    1. Yes I am very much hoping April is my month for conceiving or finding out. And I'm really hoping I get PG before my due date in August, because I know that will be a cry fest there.

  2. I had 6 MC over the past few years before finally having a successful pregnancy, all were natural MC for me, and I know everyone reacts differently, but for me, it was always excitement and not trying to think about the past, but it was always in my mind about what could go wrong and if it would be like the past. I think it is definitely more stressful in the future just because you know what could happen and not wanting to go through it again. I never really told anyone except for my hubby and close friends, although I'm a pretty private person about those things. But with my final BFP which resulted in a take home baby, I couldn't even bear to take any POAS until I was about 8 weeks along and then all I could do was just show my hubby the test, I couldn't bear another fun way of approaching it, and then I didn't even tell most of my friends that I rarely see until I was 6 months along. And even after reaching all the pregnancy milestones I was constantly worried about something. Like you I have often wondered how wonderful it must be to have a carefree pregnancy like all the fertiles out there, instead of worrying about everything all the time. I just tried to look for the positives in life and while the losses and pain associated with them hurt, I knew one day I'd get my take home baby.

    Like Katie said above, hopefully this April will be the month you conceive, or maybe Cheri22 will be wrong and it will happen before next April. Just try to stay optimistic about the future, it is difficult I know, and emotionally it is very draining especially when you might not have anyone you can vent to in person about it all, so many people don't understand what it is like and expect you to just get over it and move on, but its not that easy. ((hugs)) and I'm hoping you get your take-home baby in the next year.

    1. I too wish I could have a carefree pregnancy. Instead it feels like after I reach one PG milestone there is just something else to worry about after that. It doesn't end. Thank you for sharing your story.


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