Thursday, February 9, 2012

Post-Op 2/9

Fuck.  I had my post-op for my D&C at the RE today.  He wants to do a hysteroscopy.  Another hysteroscopy.  The same thing I had in October.  Well typically I had laparoscopic surgery AND hysteroscopy in October.  Lap surgery they cut into my stomach, hysteroscopy they open up my cervix and look at and repair "stuff".  So easier, but still.  I just had this fucking done.

Why do they want to do this again?  They are looking for scar tissue from my D&C.  RE wants to make sure everything healed correctly, also looking for other problems that might be in there.  I'm moving away from the area soon and they don't want me to walk away all broken still.

I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons.

  • Everything is cleaned out and I have higher odds of getting pregnant right after.  My last one I got pregnant the cycle after.  
  • If there is scar tissue it will be repaired right then, vs. not knowing for months/years.
  • It's fucking surgery!  It's getting old.  This is my third one since October.
Anyways same shit as before.  I'm put to sleep, then other stuff happens, then I get to go home.  As of right now I'm booked for March 22nd. 

My next beta is in a week on 2/16.  RE said today it takes on average for the beta to hit zero about a month after a miscarriage.  I won't get my period 'til it falls below at least 15.


  1. You are so brave hun. I am such a freaking crybaby at hospitals, I couldnt even have my first vaginal exam until i was under anaesthesia (vaginismus a condition where the vagina tightens up and wont let anything inside it).

    I certainly could not go through what you mentioned. You deserve a baby/babies more than anyone I know including myself. You will get one soon, just keep your mind clear and dont call yourself infertile. Infertile ppl cant have children, you ARE going to have a child soon. You are a fertile person. You are going to get your baby soon.

    1. Thank you!

      And I know about vaginismus. I tend to look up all different women's reproductive health problems.


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