Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I haven't been feeling amazing the last couple days.  Everyone at work is sick.  I decided to take a HPT, not sure why.  The cheap Wondfro one looks like it has two lines.  I stared at it in every light, took pictures of it with and without the flash.  So I went to Walgreens and bought a First Response Early Results 6 Days Sooner.  (Where they are way over priced, BTW.)  That has a slight second line too.  Maybe I'm imagining it.  

I'm 9dpo today.  My hCG beta was 9 last week, meaning it would be lower today.  I'm not sure the sensitivity of these two brands.  I don't understand why they would pick up on <9.  

I'm more annoyed.  This is like "happy new pregnancy" but probably isn't.  I'm not a lucky person.  It's probably leftover pregnancy hormones, or broken tests, or leftover parts they didn't get from the D&C.  Something other than a successful pregnancy.  I hate pregnancy test.  I'm going to keep taking them though.  


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  1. Those goddamn FRERs are super-sensitive. They detected a beta of 6 for me.


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