Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Estrogen to Progesterone

Nothing good, nothing bad happening.  I think I might have ovulated?  My current chart is here.  My Ovacue marked me down as ovulating 2/13, which was CD19 for me.  For the vaginal sensor it is supposed to drop in numbers before ovulation (240, 226, 213, 179, 135).  Then rapidly increase in numbers as ovulation starts to happen (266, 320, 396).  This shows the switch from estrogen to progesterone production.  So Ovacue is 100% sure I ovulated.  

OPKs are not so sure.  Wondfo brand is pretty dark, maybe even positive.  So I will ovulate soon or just did.  First Response is really light, no ovulation there.  And Clearblue digital yes or no is saying negative too.  I didn't test on CD18 so I might of missed it.  

Top: Wondfo hCG pregnancy test -.
Middle: Wondfo LH ovulation test +.
Bottom: First Response ovulation test -.

Line is gone or pretty much all the way gone on the home pregnancy tests.  My next beta is in the morning.

Captain Optimistic:  This probably won't be my month.  That would be too prefect.  My body doesn't do prefect.  I did think the other day my back hurt at work "like I'm pregnant."  Silly thought went away quick.  It's probably just from standing in one spot for 8 hours doing the same movement.  

At least the Ovacue is following some sort of trend.  Anything is better than the BBT (basal body temperature). 

They are still unsure what is wrong with my dizziness.  My primary doctor said there was fluid behind my right ear, but not infected.  He gave me M for the vertigo and sent me to my ENT.  My ENT saw me today and she couldn't find any fluid.  She narrowed it down to two things.  A.  I have some sort of infection in my nose.  I'm normally a snotty mess all the time thanks to my allergies.  In December I got pregnant and stopped my allergy shots.  My nose began bleeding, which is normal in pregnancy so I didn't think anything of it.  Well having the bleeding for so long, the usual snot in the nose, plus breathing in whatever germs I do working with the public, they think I might have developed an infection.  Only myself this would happen to.  Which is now bothering my sinuses and ears.  They took a sample of nose snot and are running it for bacteria.  I have some nose cream antibiotic for now.  Along with nasal rinse and nose spray to help heal the bleeding.  B.  They hooked me up to the middle ear analyzer.  Right ear was fine, left wasn't even on the chart, so not fine.  Possible something wrong with the eustachian tube.  

Valentine's Day was good.  My husband is working a horrible shift at work right now so I don't see him much.  He got me some candy, card and roses.  I got him an iPhone 4 (he had old 3G that was really slow, and 4s didn't seem worth the money).  And then the ferrets and dog a toy.  Bean took me out to dinner at a diner when he got home at 2AM. Nothing too special, but it was still a good day/night/morning.


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