Sunday, January 8, 2012

7 Weeks

7 Weeks
  • Exhausted - Not too bad this week.  Caught up on a lot of sleep because I had less hours at work.  Every once and awhile I start to fade fast.  Once I lay down I'm out like a light in a deep sleep.  This is the best sleep I've gotten in a long time.  I <3 being knocked up!
  • Nausea - Short bouts of nausea before I eat (when I'm really hungry) or after I'm full.  After throwing up on birth control all those times, and my constant nausea on Clomid I thought for sure I'd be signed up for the worst morning sickness ever. My body seems to hate hormone changes.  Maybe it's delayed, or I'll just be lucky.  I did get really nauseous to the point I was going to throw up at work the other day.  I took my prenatals on what I thought was a full stomach.  Maybe my stomach emptied a lot quicker than I thought.  I found a piece of candy in my pocket and started sucking on that. 
  • Boobs - Worst week so far.  Super sore for several days now.  Most days I just wear a sports bra since they are comfy & keep everything tucked in.  Only thing is my bras are not padded & my nipples are like hard gumdrops (Bean & I came up with this term after building gingerbread houses).  I can feel them through my shirt & wonder if others can see them too.  One night this week I went to bed without a bra on (I really like to sleep naked).  I woke up a couple hours later and put a sports bra on because I was in so much pain.  I couldn't stand them being squished & flopping around anymore.  
  • Uterus - It cramped and "pulls" sometimes.  Usually after being bent over for awhile (like at puppy class when I'm on the ground trying to get the dog to do something other than chase other puppies & lick the ground.)  Maybe I'm "squishing" the baby.
  • Bleeding - Some brown discharge off & on.  Not much.  I try not to worry about it, there is no pain that comes with it.  It's been about a week now & hasn't changed to red.
  • Frequent Urination - Same as before.
  • Nose - Still bloody.  Sometimes when I blow it it looks like I have a bloody nose, but I've never had one ever in my life.  (This is normal in PG since blood vessels expand, same goes for bloody gums.)
  • Back - Still in pain, especially after long hours at work.  More middle back this week.
  • Appetite - Always hungry.  But even eating extra I haven't gained any weight.  So it has to going somewhere.
  • Digestion - Ether comes out too quick or not at all.  I find my lactose intolerance is worse now.  Lots of gas.
  • Heartburn - Nothing.  Even coming from a family that has a lot of acid reflux I have never had heartburn in my life.
  • Increased Sense of Smell - Nothing too bad.  Tuna kind of stinks.
  • Dizziness - It has returned from my 2ww.

How far along?   7 weeks, 1 day
Size of baby:   1/4 in., or size of Tic Tac
Boy or Girl?   Bean & I both want a girl.  I "feel" a boy though.  He still keeps saying girl.
What baby is doing this week:  Growing legs, arms & lungs.
Best moment this week?  See "something" on u/s #1.
Meds?  GNC or Gummy Prenatals, depending on the day.
Milestones:  Making it to 7 weeks, not bleeding red.
Biggest Worries:  #1 Miscarriage.  #2 Cervix failing & needing cervical clerage and/or bed rest.  #3 Moving to the other side of the country without a place to live.  #4 Good chance my husband will miss the birth due to his new job.
Food cravings?   Nothing.  I do request foods with more flavor.  I'm more open to eating things I wouldn't normally, & leftovers.  Baby likes pasta & chocolate. :)
Food Aversions?  Chicken, thought of it kind of sounds gross, along with the sight.  Maybe if you hide it in breading?

What I miss?   Maybe feta cheese?

Emotions:   I haven't been on an emotional roller coaster.  No anger, no crying over TV commercials.  I do worry a lot though.
Books Reading:  the Pregnancy Instruction Manual - Sarah Jordan & David Ufberg 
Exercise:  Restriction until further notice.
Baby Stuff Purchased:  Another set of onesie on clearance at work.  Looked at the video baby monitors.
What happened this week?  Bean had his 32nd birthday today.


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