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August 25th, 2012

Today I started out by calling my RE.  I wasn't able to get ahold of the nurse until a few hours later.  Since I'm on a natural cycle, not a medicated one, they are unsure that they can monitor me.  If I was on Clomid, injectable or did IUI, IVF then they would monitor me up to about 12 weeks (early appointments, blood work, ultrasounds).  Then I would get sent to my old OBGYN.  They are still trying to get a hold of my insurance company about monitoring me.

I also called my PCM (primary doctor, military medical center).  They do pregnancy tests without appointments.  Oddly enough Bean had an appointment in the same building at the same time so I had to lie why I was there.  My trip to PCM was LONG:
  1. I walked up to the desk and they sent me to the nurse down the hall.  
  2. I had to wait about 5 minutes to get in to talk to the nurse.  
  3. Talked to the nurse for 10 minutes while she took down all my infomation. 
  4. I got sent downstairs to the lab to pee in a cup (I guess they don't do blood betas there?)
  5. Back upstairs to spend 15 minutes in the waiting room.
  6. Back to the nurse and had to wait 5 minutes to see her.
  7. She started talking about the baby and eating right, blah, blah.  My response: "wait is it even positive?"  She kind of skipped over that part.
  8. I listened to her talk for about 30 minutes about basic pregnancy facts.  All stuff I already knew.  And then put it all in a folder from me to take home.  
  9. I filled out a survey about my medical history.  Ectopic pregnancy, STDs, abnormal paps, genetic history.  
  10. I was sent back to the waiting room from 20 minutes for my PCM doctor to review it.
  11. Back to the nurse and she explained the referral out to the OB.  Normal referrals take a week or two to process, then however long until the OB feel the first appointment should be.  She explains to me that I'm consider high risk and I'm going to be seen a lot sooner.  
  12. Downstairs to the refferals office.  There was already someone in front of me so I went to sit in the waiting room down the hall.  I went to check every so often and then to find out someone cut infront of me.  I just spent over two hours being passed from office to waiting room and my paitence and energy was beginning to wear thin.  
  13. Refferals office called the OB for me.  They wanted me to come in tomorrow but I already have to work.
The due date they marked down is August 22nd, 2012.  This is from my LPM (last menstrual period) on November 16th.  If you go by the day I ovulated on, December 3rd then my due date is August 25th instead.  That seems like it would be more accurate.  

I'm 4 weeks, 2 days.

My first OB appointment is Wednesday morning (4wk,4days).  My refferal paperwork states: "LMP 16 Nov 11. EGA (estimated gestation age) 4+5 weeks Infertility pt with HSG Oct' '11 demonstrating "scarring of right tube". Please eval for IUP (intrauterine pregnancy) vs ectopic in this high risk patient."  Since my lap surgery showed a lot of scarring of my right fallopian tube the risk of ectopic is higher than normal, if I ovulated from my right ovary.  They are rushing to get me in sooner rather than waiting a few weeks.  Ectopic would mean I'd have to MC, naturally or with drugs.  And it can cause a lot of problems for me if it is not caught early enough.  I'm pretty sure it's not ectopic, most of the pain I've felt is from the left side, not right.  I knew I'd be high risk for a long time.  My cervix is a mess too. No surprise there.

16dpo @ FMU
16dpo @ FMU

16dpo @ 11PM
4wk, 2day

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  1. So exciting! I'm very happy for you. Hoping things continue to go well for you, and soon you'll be able to share the news with your hubby!


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