Tuesday, December 20, 2011

RE & OB Appointments Tomorrow

My RE was able to get back to me and said my insurance will cover all testing and monitoring.  I go for my beta (blood pregnancy test) and progesterone test tomorrow morning.  

I also have my first appointment with the OBGYN tomorrow morning.

My uterus feels weird.  Like twinges, or pulling.  Or like cramps but they are not menstrual cramps.  I keep looking for AF because I'm still in shock.  My boobs still hurt, I figure they will for awhile.  Sports bras are my friend right now, even to bed.  But I don't care.  I'd rather be uncomfortable, even in some pain, and be pregnant.  Rather than not be pregnant at all.  I consider myself lucky.  

Line is slightly darker today.

My biggest fear is miscarrying.  Most of the time there isn't much one can do to prevent it.  But I know I'd be heartbroken after all this time to have my baby taken away.  I want my uterus and boobs to be uncomfortable so I know I'm still PG.

Some things to put in Daddy's box
4wk, 3days

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