Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Job

I got a new job.  It's really not that exciting.  Something I did it college (well I guess I'm still in college) that I really liked, but uses 0% of any of my degrees.

I'm sick of sitting in this house.  I was happy for summer break and all the free time I'd have.  Now I'm bored.  When Bean comes home from work I attack him asking for us to leave the house... to go anywhere!

I like to talk to people.  I have very few local friends, as in people that live in one area for more the three years (non-military).  All my friends are wives of the other man that Bean works with.  I'm looking forward to meeting the locals.

I'm only going to be living here for a short while longer.  There's no point in finding a "real job".  In fact most places won't even hire military spouses since we only live in an area for a short time.  Understandable, but it sucks.  I can't book any freelance work for next summer, since I won't be here next summer.

IVF costs a lot of money!  I wish I was a fertile and could get everything for free. *sigh*  Although if I was fertile I would have been PG by now, maybe already even given birth.  

I can't keep thinking about my brokeness.  This will keep my mind off it.

So I got a job to be social, get out of the house, any pay for fertility treatments.  I'm be in minimum wage retail hell 'til January.  I'm actually pretty good at it with all my past experience.  My numbers are pretty high considering I'm a newbie.
CD5, Clomid pill #3

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