Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hoarding Provera

I'm a bad person.  This goes with my post about hoarding meds.  

This morning I refiled my Provera 10mg 10 days/pills from Dr. S (OBGYN).  He used to give me a bunch of refills on the meds, I'm not sure why.  I have three refills still left.  It was free with my health insurance.

This afternoon I picked up my Provera 10mg 5 days/pills from a completely different pharmacy.  This was prescribed by Dr. H (RE).  I told Target I had no insurance, and with their generic prescriptions it came to $4.  

I'm not sure why I'm taking it for only 5 days this time?

I have a fear that someday I'll need this med or any other and I won't have insurance or a doctor to prescribe it.  I even see this med being trading on the TTC forums.  It's not like it's a horrible drug like a pain medication.  It fucking makes my uterus bleed.   No one would even want it unless they had PCOS or something that makes them just as broken as myself.  So it seems OK to me.  

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