Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clomid Bitch

I'm not so sure Clomid at 150mg is for me.  Every cycle of Clomid I have some side effects that are tolerable.  But moving from 100mg to 150mg has caused mood swings and rage the last couple days.  I'm not sure if I can do another cycle at this strength.

Yesterday I got angry at Bean because he ate my dinner (leftover mozzarella sticks).  Then I got even more pissed when Dunkin Donuts ran out of plain bagels at 10PM.  Plus the issues with our vacation next week.   Add in a bunch of extra Estrogen floating around and it doesn't make for very good night.

So I wrote yesterday's post while in a bad mood, if you couldn't tell.  But I felt better after it was done.  I went to bed and still woke up pretty angry.  I went to work where I was much more bearable to deal with.  Except I had a few PG customers that I was far from excited for.  One women let me know she already ate half a bag of potato chips because she's PG (not like that wasn't obvious).
Customer: "I'm pregnant so I'm hungry and all..."
Myself:  "I'm on the 5th round of fertility drugs so I'm a bitch and all.  Buy a fucking apple if you're starving."  < Except I really couldn't say they to her face.
Myself:  "Ummm OK" < my real answer
So if no one wants to talk to me for the next week or so I'll understand.

TMI Warning.  AF was really light this cycle, even with Provera.  Only lasted 3 days, but I've since had nonstop spotting.  Maybe my EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) is effecting it since it's supposed to increase my CM.  Ether way it's pretty gross.  


  1. Is there somewhere where i cam private message you?

  2. Sure, send me an email at :)

  3. Soooo funny!!!! I know this is late, but i just had to google Clomid and the word bitch and found this site because i have become an absolute bitch on 150mg of clomid! Made me feel so much better reading this and i cracked up so bad reading the about the conversation with the PG lady. LMAO!


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