Friday, July 1, 2011

Brand New Car

2011 black vw tiguan
2011 VW Tiguan
We replaced Bean's truck with a family friendly SUV this week.

Last weekend we went to a dealership that had one he liked.  I saw the price and told him I didn't want to drive it.  Yet I was forced to anyways.  End of story.  We filled out the paperwork and put in our color choice to have to car delivered.  I like the way it drives, it's fast and smooth like my little "sports" car.  The windows are large, I don't feel like the car is huge and if I take a turn too tight I'm going to drive into something (this is my biggest concern moving from a small car to a larger one).  It has a bunch of options so I'm cool with it.  We went to pick it up yesterday.

inside new car

I used to always be afraid of ruining leather seats.  But I've since learned from my pets that cleaning piss, poop and vomit off leather is way easier than scrubbing it out of cloth.  A child and cloth seats is not an option.

I have a full size backseat and trunk now.  Four doors!

Panoramic sunroof!  Oh it's so huge and pretty.  Baby will get to see the clouds too.

I've never bought a brand new car before.  Like brand brand new with less than 100 miles on it after we left the dealership.  We're going to be paying for this forever.  But at least we got a 0% loan so I don't feel like I'm paying extra in interest for it.

It is amazing, the perfect family car.  This will get me pregnant.

tiger lily flowerPlus it's July and the tiger lillies are in bloom outside my house.  This is my all-time favorite flower.  Which also goes along with my girls name I already picked out.  I refuse to tell people what it is since I'm in fear someone will steal it from me, not like it's a rare name or anything.  

The full results for Bean's SA haven't come back yet. They did mark him down as having an vasectomy and then got confused when they saw some swimmers.  I guess that's a good sign that there's something there.  Hoping to find out how many and just how good they are at swimming next week.  

And it's back to timed intercourse and OPKs for me again this week.  

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