Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pregnant Women are Smug

My biggest pet peeve (or one of them) with this whole IF thing: smug pregnant women and new moms.

The ones that believe the world revolves around them.  The ones that put themselves on a higher pedestal.  The ones that don't care about anyone else except their pregnant self.  The ones that are so fucking happy.  The ones that believe they weren't put on this earth to do anything else but be a mommy.

Well that's great for them.

But the world doesn't revolve around them or my IF self.  Most fertiles don't want to hear about anything IF related, and especially after they become PG.  The bubble seals and it's all about them.  This goes both ways.  I don't give a fuck about your pregnancy ether.  And especially if you don't care about anything I say.

Smugness goes both ways though.  I even catch myself now thinking that my future child will mean more than someone else's mistake.  Because I wanted it more, because I had more time to prepare.  Having a much smaller chance of conceiving I almost feel like my child is more of a miracle and worth more.  I know this isn't true yet I feel it anyways.  I'm going to turn into one of those soccer moms that thinks their kid is the best one out there.  At least I'm warning you now.

And a song that goes along with this post:



  1. OMG I am laughing so effin hard bc I used to post this song EVERYWHERE!

    And yes I totally turned into one of those Moms that thinks my kids poops roses. LOL

  2. That video is hilarious!!! And I agree with you 110%! After trying so freaking hard to get pregnant, I don't understand how anyone does it accidentally at all and I'm totally think my child will be more loved and better than people who had 'an accident at 16'. Even though I should know better since my mom had an accident at 17 with my brother. Its all frame of mind I suppose.


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