Sunday, June 12, 2011

Infertile Nesting

I'm not really sure what to call it besides nesting.  For pregnant women it is a time during their pregnancy when they clean and prepare for the arrival of their child.  Infertile nesting is when women that are having a hard time conceiving also prepare for the arrival of their child.  Except it is different where we subtly collect baby things, read website and books for pregnant women, and spend time on the Babies"R"Us website picking out crib bedding.  I've honestly done every single one of these things.

baby bin
My Baby Bin
And then we turn to the preggo next to you who is only about 12 weeks along and are astonished that they haven't picked out a crib yet, baby names, finished their birth plan or finished book X yet.  And then think, "What the hell, are you going to sleep through your whole fucking pregnancy?"

Yup, that's an infertile mind.  Probably because we've had months or years to plan for our future child.  We tend to get around to more stuff than in the standard 40 weeks.


PS I survived baby shower #2, in case you were wondering.
CD22, 4DPO 


  1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a plan (and a baby bin) - not to mention I already have a crib. Surely thats what cursed me. Still following you this cycle my friend! 10 dpo for me and still stark white tests. I hope that you have better luck!

  2. I don't have a crib yet, but I do know the design I want.


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