Sunday, June 12, 2011

Due Dates

I know my approximate due date for each cycle.  I used to use one of those calculators to figure it out but now Countdown to Pregnancy tells me at the start of each cycle so...

My EDD for this cycle is February 29th, 2012.  Leap year yo!  It was the 26th but I O'ed late.

The sucky things is that when people announce their pregnancy with their EDD (estimated due date) I now know within a few days which day they ovulated on.  Hey I know when you had sex!  Because that was my EDD-ish once too!  It's kind of creepy I can pull this info out of my ass now.

Or better yet letting your friends know what day they were conceived on.  Because everyone wants to know that.  

Fuck, if only I wasn't so good with numbers.


  1. Hehe That would be my Birthday!!!

  2. BAHAHAHHA OMG this made me laugh pretty hard, bc when I first met Lexi, and she told me her due date, I said "Oh you got pregnant on Sept 6th!"

    My fingers are crossed for this cycle. I wanted my friend to have a leap year baby, and she isn't. Although I think March babies are pretty awesome, I want to know someone having a leap year baby this year.

  3. @Rebecca: I thought you when I saw the date

  4. @The Moore Family: What a way to be a creeper! :) Someone recently announced their pregnancy on Facebook and I immediately knew the date they conceived because it was two days after one of mine. :/


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