Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fertility Drugs Are Awesome

My two favorite things about fertility drugs:
  • Telling people what I really think of them.  About one week (or two) at the beginning of my cycle I turn into a bitch and voice my opinion.  It's kind of like PMS but lasts longer.  I'll really let you know what I think about you, or the sales person at the car dealership, or Mother's Day.  They are all mean/negative/rude things and if you are looking for an apology you won't find it here (at least not during the same week.)  This is considered everyones warning.  
  • Getting to snuggle the puke bucket to bed.  I get nauseous everywhere.  I could have an empty stomach or a full one.  It could be a bumpy car ride or just sitting on my couch.  It could be morning or night.  This last about a week at the end of my cycle.  It's like morning sickness except I don't get a child in ~30 weeks.  Instead I get a refill on yet more fertility drugs in about a week.  Yay!  
PS some photos I took at a garden last weekend.

CD26, 10dpo, HPT-

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