Saturday, April 2, 2011

Still Waiting...

I'm getting kind of concerned.  It's CD18 and I've yet to have a positive OPK.  My temperature hasn't increased, my CM (cervical mucus) has been the same all cycle long, and my cervix went from firm to soft, and now heading back to firm again.  All I've got is nausea for the last 4 days (it's getting worse).  I'm wondering if this is another anovulatory cycle.  When should I call the GYN?  (And yes I've asked all of this to the strangers on Yahoo Answers too.)


  1. Ahh that sucks! Can you go in for a scan and see if there's any follicles growing? Good luck!!

  2. Not sure. The GYN kind of gave me a 3 month supply & wished me the best. And to come back to increase to the 100mg Clomid if I didn't O. I guess it's my responsibly to figure out if I O... at some point.

  3. I hate OPKs, I never trust my judgement when trying to read the damn things. Are you charting temps too? I would go ahead and call the doctor for advice. It can't hurt and you probably do need the higher dose of Clomid. If you drink milk, you should consider switching to whole milk products temporarily. It sounds silly but the hormones in reduced fat milk can contribute to ovulatory infertility and PCOS.

  4. My temps are pretty close, between 97.2 & 96.5°F. Except CD1 it was 97.7. It's hit 97.2 four times so far, but never gone above it. Maybe next post I'll add a screen shot of it.

    I eat a lot of dairy but my milk is all soy & Lactaid reduced fat. Not sure if that matters. :/


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