Friday, April 1, 2011

Love-Hate Relationship with Facebook

This post has been coming for awhile. I love Facebook. I've had the same account for 6 years now. Between the classes I take and my job I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Which means I spend a lot of time online, and on time-wasting websites such as Facebook. It's great to connect with family and friends all over the world.

When I signed up I was 20, single, at the bar every Friday night, and having lots of sex. But now I've grown and my friends have too.  Sometimes feel like I'm the only one that's not pregnant or with at least one baby attached to the hip.  Facebook makes me feel that every single day!

As an infertile I now hate Facebook. It's a never-ending reminder that my ovaries are fucked up.

Ultrasound & Belly Photos
I don't mind the occasional u/s and belly photo.  Occasional!  Ultrasound photos look all the same, I could steal one from Google and tell everyone it's mine.  You see ten, you see a million.  But whatever, upload one every once and awhile.  And I still think pregnant bellies are sexy, even after all of this.  I want to take a million pictures of my belly when I'm pregnant, maybe one each day.  However, I'm not going to force all 500 of my "friends" to look at them.  They are for me.  Same goes for the people that upload a million pictures of their kids.  Photo after photo looks the same because their parents can't limit themselves.  Shitty, blurry, underexposed and horribly cropped photos of little Johnny.  And the 7 minute long videos of little Sally eating her first (insert food here).  No one gives a fuck.  The same thing goes to my cute pet photos or all the OPKs I've peed on.  An idea: upload them to another site, like Flickr, and link them back.  Maybe once a month I'll head over there and take a look.

The Pregnancy Announcement
What every IF loves, yet another person got pregnant before you.  I get upset even if I don't know the person well.  It could be someone I met once at a dinner 3 years ago, or someone I went to high school with and haven't talked to in 8 years.  But a little piece of my heart still hurts.  It doesn't even matter how it's worded, it still has the same hurt.  Luckily sometimes I can feel the new preggos out, so it's not such a disappointment when it's announced.  Then everyone just races over to tell them congratulations.  If you catch me on a good day you might get a "like".  I'll say congrats later on, after I'm done crying, and even then it will probably be a fake one.  (Unless you're IF too, I'm happy for them.)

Complaining or Telling Everyone How Great Life Is
Complaining about how horrible your pregnancy is pisses me off.  I understand you don't feel the best.  But even with your pain and vomiting there are about 10 IF women that would do anything to trade places with you.  They would vomit all day long, sleep on the couch, piss every 15 minutes, etc., just to have a baby of their own.  They would give anything to be you!  And fertility drugs don't always have the best side effect ether.  If your kid is so badly behaved that you need to complain on Facebook, then maybe you should of thought twice before becoming a mommy.  And then there are the people that let you know how great it is being pregnant and a new mommy.  That's nice.

This really has nothing to do with infertility, but more one of my pet peeves.  I have always been terrible at English.  I was a Math and Science person in school.  I consider my writing subpar, but Facebook makes me look like a genius.  Come on guys, the browser tells you it's misspelled.  At least spend the extra second to correct it.  My phone even wants to correct my awful spelling now.  Your spelling is like a first impression.  No one is going to take your opinion seriously if you can't bother with spell check and punctuation.

I used to update my status several times a day.  But  I'm sick of it all.  I feel like I hide behind a wall with my infertility.  I don't want people to know.  It's almost like I am self-conscious about it, even though I shouldn't be.  Maybe I'm just afraid people will pity me.
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  1. I totally agree. On ALL counts. It's the people that do these things in EXCESS that drive me up a frickin wall!!! It's understandable that you might have a bad day, with your pregnancy or your children. I cringe a little when I see it, but I don't hate on them. But it's those people that constantly complain over and over, or offer up their kids to "any takers" that really really get under my skin!!

  2. Have you been reading my non-existent diary? Don't forget the ones who whine and cry, fully expecting to be comforted, about not getting pregnant withing the first 3 months of unprotected sex. This particular type of fertiles will then "comfort" you as they now think that they've suffered through infertility and know all the answers. I like to think that there's a special place in hell for them. Although I'm an atheist, so I doubt they'll ever get what they truly deserve. Sigh. I love your blog.

  3. I got another offer last night for someone to take their children. *sigh*


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