Monday, April 11, 2011

The Bitter Infertile

Infertility makes you bitter.  I never realized how common this was until I found 999 Reasons To Laugh at Infertility a few months ago.  First I thought I was having some sort mental breakdown.  All these new mommies seem so happy, and I'm just... mean.  I'm an angry bitch that is bitter and envious of others. (There, I said it.)

Even in own modern world we are programed to believe that if we follow the set way of life that everything will just fall into place.  Find a spouse, date for a couple years, get engaged, get married, buy a house, buy a dog...  After that comes a baby right?  Until we realize our ovaries went on a permanent vacation and our husband's sperm couldn't even pass a beginner's swimming class.

The room you designated as the nursery is empty and your dog shit on the floor for the third time this week. You're pissed.  Good thing welfare mom is pregnant with baby #3.  If you can't have your own children then at least you can pay for someone else's kid.  Great...

Congrats for following "the path."  Now you're bitter, childless and wonder why you actually used birth control all those years.  This was a good plan.

CD27, no O, then again what's new


  1. DITTO to this WHOLE thing!!!! Same thoughts in my brain

  2. Yep. Some days I'm more bitter than others but generally I've turned into a nasty bitch.


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