Thursday, April 7, 2011

March BBT

I don't get these temperatures.  I said I'd post my current BBT a few days ago.   So I'm looking at this for the last 23 days and I don't see a thermal shift or whatever else I'm supposed to be looking for.  (Sorry the numbers are in Fahrenheit.  Silly American with my stubborn government.  But that's a whole other blog post.)

My ovaries/uterus/tubes/whatever-the-else-is-down-there are in pain.   Not like menstrual cramps, but like someone took them out, beat them up and put them back in my body.  Any attempt at intercourse ends in discomfit now.  This is usually the time of the month that my libido goes crazy, I can take a lot.  But not right now.  I'll be on the couch whining instead.  Someone will eventually bring me hot coco.


  1. Hey girl -

    It looks annovulatory to me (not an expert), but if you are having pain like that I'd go see the doctor. I know it's such a pain to go in though....I usually delay that as long as possible.

    Thinking of you!

  2. Yeah I'm thinking it's probably anovulatory too. :(

  3. I get sore like you're discribing right around O time, so maybe thats why it looks annovulatory up until now?

  4. ugh, I'd see the doctor too...unfortunately :(

  5. I thought the soreness was possibly O, but it went on for a week. It's stopped and my BBT increased slightly. But not sure if it's enough for O. I kind of gave up all tracking except for the temps.


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