Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pregnancy Lies

I joined a military wives forum a couple months ago.  Even though I've been with my husband for years, I still don't know everything about this way of life.  The military acronyms are often worse than the TTC ones.  But I love to help the new wives and girlfriends as much as I can.  And I'm all about giving out the real truth rather than the sugar-coated crap.

The website has a TTC forum along with a "Bun in the Oven" one.  I usually just hang out on the TTC side (pretty obvious there), but the other day I took a trip to the other side.  And I saw this post at the top:
"Those announcing they are pregnant!!
Due to the past situations with people lying about their pregnancy there was a rule put into effect. The rule was when posting a pregnancy test you must either be in the picture or show the newspaper of that day or something along those lines...  Well now we really can't use this rule and not put another rule into effect along with it.  That rule is, you aren't able to share your pregnancy stories, or news that you are pregnant without showing some kind of proof."
I was taken back by this.  Who lies about a pregnancy?  And why does one need to share their piss dripping HPT to be included?  I can slightly see where they are coming from, however, for the most part if made me upset.

Being a military wife is like being in high school.  It's all about being part of some clique.  Many of these wives are so young, much younger than myself.  All they want is to join some group where they are accepted for awhile until they are thrown out like some piece of shit.

Tip to Young Women: Go to college and make something of yourself (preferably before you get knocked up).  That way when something unforeseen happens to your husband or you catch him fucking one of his female co-workers (and he doesn't let you join in) at least you can take care of yourself.

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  1. Why would someone lie about being pregnant on a forum??? That is so weird! Also I agree that its so important for young women to stand on their own two feet. As a military wife I'm still surprised by how many 18 year olds I see getting married. When I was 18 I was barely old enough to think rationally let alone get married!

  2. Married and starting to popping out kids before their 20. Most have very little college education, if any.


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