Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blaming Google

Doctors Appointment 3/7

New OB/GYN today.  It was kind of weird.  And every time he starting talking about a different medicine or procedure I would already know all about it, sometimes the pro, cons, side effects, what it's used for.  Maybe I just have too much GYN knowledge.  I blame Google.
  • I have my first ultrasound next week, pelvic (lower stomach) and transvaginal (inside).  Looking for PCOS and/or whatever else they can find.
  • I have PCOS, whether or not they find cysts on the ultrasound.  A mild case, I guess. 
    • I have: acne (but getting better, my back is the worst), irregular periods (very irregular), obesity (maybe, BMI 29), breathing problems while sleeping (I'm a ENT mess), oily skin (goes w/ the acne), infertility (yeah...), elevated blood pressure (thanks to Microgestin), excess hair growth (I guess, I have hair?), pain in abdomen (sore ovaries), mood swings (it comes w/ being female), anovulation,  dandruff (but cleared up since I use henna). 
    • I don't haveskin tagsskin discolorationshigh cholesterol, smaller breast (opposite there), deeper voice, thinning hair (super thick hair here), darkening skin.  The irregular periods are the worst though.
  • He thinks I'm anovulatory, or very, very close to it.  
  • My blood pressure keeps increasing.  It was 120/80 three months ago before starting Microgestin. Last month it was 130/80.  Now it's 140/90.  
  • I start Clomid 50mg day 3-7 next week.
  • I also need to start using OPK (ovulation predictor kits).  Already bought these from Amazon.
So I got what I wanted out of the appointment, an ultrasound and Clomid.

My ENT ran a full thyriod check, it came back normal.  So no hypothyroidism.  I do have a vitamin d deficiency.  Could explain why I am so tired.  I need to take my vitamins more often, at least 1000 IU/day.

I also found this website: Taking Charge of Your Fertility. They have charts you can create for everything fertility related.

Hidden Text:  York Hospital OB/GYN, Surgical & Midwifery Associates, Kent Scherr, M.D, Dr.,

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