Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tattoo Appointment Today

I talked about my tattoo idea several months ago.  Last week I went to check out some local tattoo shops.  I really only got to one since I liked that one.  They were not standoffish like many tattoo/piercing places I've been to in the past.  My appointment to have it done is later today.  I'm going alone, and I'd rather go alone.  I'm more worried about the permanent aspect than the pain or them screwing it up.    


  1. I don't think this is something you'll regret down the line. It's not like you're getting a cartoon character or something like that. This is a memorial for your little boy you lost. THAT makes the difference. Good luck to you today Selbe.

  2. Good luck, you'll do great at the appointment. Treat yourself to some junkfood afterwords :) Hope you post some pics of the new ink!

  3. How did the appointment go? Will you share a photo?

    1. Yes, next blog post there will be a photo.


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