Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sick & Emotional

I haven't been feeling all that well lately.  I was sick with a cold all last week but that was pretty much has ended.

Monday morning I woke up early for my interview in Seattle.  I got out of bed and my stomach really hurt.  I tired to get dressed and put makeup on anyways but found myself dry heaving.  I ended up laying on the bathroom floor because I couldn't stand without getting sick anymore.  After awhile of that I had to get up, but didn't last long before throwing up.  Since I spent so much time sick I was late getting out the door, and then late getting to the ferry.  Which I then learned it left without me.  I figured there was a reason I shouldn't have went.  I called the company and rescheduled for Friday.

Tuesday I was fine but Wednesday I woke up sick again, no throwing up though.  I can't pin it on something I'm eating.  My boobs got really sore Monday morning too.  I figured nothing of these things, just wishful thinking.  Plus it's way to early for morning sickness, I'd be like 3 weeks along.

Yesterday I came home after visiting with a friend to watch the episode of The Office where Michael Scott leaves the company. (I watch everything on Netflix so I'm always a couple seasons behind.)  I was teary eyed the whole times.  And then the airport scene at the end I began crying!  WTF, it's a comedy, and I never cry during sad movies or love stories.  

Then I got sad my puppy figured out his doggy door.  He's going to be 11 months on Friday and he's growing up so quick and he's not going to need me anymore and...  

At that point I realized there might be something wrong with me.

The top left Wondro is the original image on my cell phone, the rest are edits.

Same, top left FRER is the original.  The second line isn't that visible with the FRER.

This was on a 2-3 hour hold in the evening, not FMU.

These are at 13dpt, 11dpiui, 10dp trip to location X, and anywhere from 12 to 10dpo.  I don't really know, I had to look all that up since I wasn't keeping track.  I wouldn't even know my EDD, May, March, June?  I try not to remember anymore.  I'll try another test with FMU.

So ether my trigger is still in my system, these tests are broken, or I'm pregnant.


  1. I really hope it's the latter!

  2. That Wondfo looks good! Time for some math, methinks.

    That episode of The Office makes me cry, too. There are some really touching moments, and that one between Pam and Michael at the end is a real tearjerker.

  3. 3 weeks isn't too early for morning sickness. As each pregnancy is different, so are the women with them. Some are more susceptible to the hormonal changes. I was plagued by "morning" (translate all day) sickness with Alvin from about 5 days after conceiving until the third trimester.

    The tests look great. FMU is always better early on, but getting a reading without it very hopeful. I'm going to cross my fingers, etes, legs, ties, and anything else I can for you.

  4. Holding my breath - good luck!!!!

  5. Good luck! Fingers crossed for you! FWIW, I start getting negatives 6dpt, so that trigger may well be long gone! I hope this is it!

  6. Good luck. Hope this is the month :)

  7. Silently hoping and praying for you x


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