Monday, May 7, 2012


CD37... *taps feet*

That's it.  Lots of cramping.  I have fluid running out of me that I keep thinking is AF, until I run to the bathroom.  I was going to say my nausea is getting better... until I made dinner.  Half of it smelt bad, the other half I ate but got nauseous awhile eating it so I never finished.  My stomach is so hungry, but I can't eat much more in fear of throwing up.  My chest is still sore.  Not the whole boob, but the muscles underneath that connect it to my chest.  The nausea and chest have been like this for over two weeks now.  I should test again, I'm sure it will just be BFN though.  Maybe I won't test.  Maybe I have an ulcer or some other stomach problem.  I don't know much about them.  

I'll leave you with some cute puppy photos from today.  This is six month old Loki.


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  1. He's gorgeous! I hope he's planning on giving you a much-deserved Puppy Mommy present soon.


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